Beyond Limits Education seeks to develop leaders who will be able to problem solve by thinking outside the box, be a responsible steward of the planet, and help others reach beyond their limits. We are living in an unprecedented time. This pandemic gives us a rare opportunity to collectively come together and role model these principles. “Paying it forward” and being of service to our community is important to me.  We all have the ability to support each other in different ways whether that be calling or texting a friend to see how they are doing and offering a listening ear, offer to go to the grocery store for an elderly neighbor, or volunteer to help with a local food bank just to name a few. Even the smallest gesture can have a positive ripple effect. I am offering free services to residents of the Eastern Sierra.

Education Consulting For Teachers (starting immediately)

Online Learning Management System Coaching

I have been utilizing various online Learning Management System platforms for years including Schoology, Moodle, Edmodo to name a few. Many are free. I can help set you up with an account and get you going with your classes. If your school has set up a particular LMS I can help coach you through the nuances.

I can also provide tips/tricks as to how to utilize online platforms to deliver curriculum in a way that reaches higher levels of thinking.

Supporting Your Students

I am offering free tutoring services to students in the Mammoth Unified School District upon direct teacher referral. In order to best support your student(s), I will need access to what is being assigned as well as need to be able to communicate with you about areas your student(s) is struggling.

Help me help parents by sharing online resources you are using in your remote classroom. I will share this with the community.


Education Consulting For Parents (starting March 23, 2020)

Online Resources

I am in the process of compiling several online educational resources so that parents can visit one site instead of having to spend time searching and sifting through the vast amount of resources on the internet. This resource area will include resources I have found useful as an educator and resources my colleagues and teachers in the Eastern Sierra are using. I will also provide strategies for managing the homeschool environment.

Direct Coaching

I can provide direct coaching through online conferencing through  Zoom. I believe this would be done best through group conferencing. Many of you will find that you are having similar struggles. Knowing that you are not alone oftentimes provides some solace. I can share my tips/tricks for managing the homeschool environment. I can also facilitate a debrief drawing out what has worked and not worked well thus far. These debriefs are often helpful in that parents not only can pick up strategies from me, but others as well.

Email is my preferred form of contact. Please email (replace “at” with @).


Tutoring Services (starting March 30, 2020)

I am offering free remote tutoring services to Mammoth Unified School District students. Students must be referred by their teacher directly. Teachers should email (replace “at” with @). If I receive more than one referral from a particular teacher or grade level I will consider a group tutoring format.

I will gauge the needs of Mammoth Unified School District in the coming two weeks and determine at that point if I am able to take on students from other districts in the Eastern Sierra. Thank you for understanding that I am just one person and can only take on so much.

If there are other tutors in the area that wish to volunteer for this cause please reach out to me. If I get some volunteers I will open up this service to more districts.

Science Fun Seminars (starting April 26, 2020)

Science experiments and activities fun for pre-school thru middle school that can be done at home. Instruction is differentiated for various age groups. Parental involvement varies depending on age group. Join us live or wait until our video is posted on our blog and do on your own. For more information visit the K-12 Seminars page.


Other Note

It is worth noting that I work as a part time EMT for Mono County EMS and work as a team lead/field staff under the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Community Support Branch. There may be a point where I will need to shift my time and help with EMS and hospital needs. If this time comes, I will do my best to support all of you. However, I will be prioritizing the healthcare system.

Teachers: Thank you for your diligent efforts in working to adapt and get an entirely new learning format off the ground as well as all the effort you are taking to support your students and families (Zoom Calls, Food Banks, etc).

Parents: Thank you for doing your best to adapt to the challenges of having your children at home while juggling the rest of your daily responsibilities. I have observed many of you do an amazing job.

Please, please be kind to yourselves. When you are feeling overwhelmed, please remind yourself that thriving does not happen overnight. Education is important, but there is a lot more to education than learning math, science, social studies, English, etc in a traditional way. “This pandemic presents us with an opportunity. An opportunity to help each other grow. To look at our children, our spouses, our friends, ourselves. Observe and acknowledge strengths and weaknesses. Discover tools to help us build tolerance for adversity and uncertainty, which looks different for each person.” (Personality Types, Adapting to Challenges, and Building Resilience Part I). This cannot be learned from textbooks, worksheets, videos, etc.

One of the things that I have had the pleasure to bear witness and be a part of on numerous occasions is the amazing flexibility and resilience the Eastern Sierra community exhibits during challenging times. We are in this together! We will get through this together! Stay strong and healthy!

With Thought and Gratitude,

Brigitte Denton
BLE Owner/Program Director