Articles, websites, and book recommendations for emergency preparedness and prevention. We highly encourage you to take one of our courses in our First Aid, CPR, and Wilderness Medicine Program.

First Aid Kits

Pocket First Aid Kit: You don’t need to carry much to save a life!


Mental Health

Mental Health: How to Help in a Crisis

Mental Health: Developing a Culture of Compassion, Vulnerability, and Active Listening


Musculoskeletal Injuries

KT Tape: A Backcountry Game Changer


Soft Tissue Injuries

Hand and Foot Care: Hot Spot and Blister Pro-Tips

Wound and Burn Care Pro-Tips



Backcountry Hygiene: Developing Good Hand Hygiene

Backcountry Hygiene: The Infamous Pee Rag

Snow Safety Awareness: Are You Truly Prepared?