Please check this page closer to your course start date. This page is updated as local, state, and federal guidelines change.

UPDATED 9/28/2021

Beyond Limits Education takes the health and safety of our learners and staff very seriously.

Most of our educational offerings require learners to be present in-person; specifically our CPR, First Aid, EMS, and Wilderness Medicine Program and Custom Education Program. In these courses, there is an inherent risk of disease transmission. One of the learning objectives is to teach students how to effectively use PPE, hand hygiene, and equipment sanitization to mitigate risk. In addition to the policies outlined in the COVID-19 Operations Guidelines for CPR, First Aid, EMS and Wilderness Medicine Courses we have implemented the following guidelines:

    • Maximum class size is limited to 24 students. Maximums may be reduced depending on the size and ventilation capabilities of the indoor classroom space.
    • Students are highly encouraged to be up to date with covid-19 vaccines per CDC guidelines.*
    • Antigen testing 24 hours prior to start of in-person training is recommended.
    • Students must wear appropriate PPE during drills. The intention is to build appropriate PPE practices when responding to patients.
      • As the rescuer during patient assessment drills:
        • Well fitted surgical mask (provided), KN95, or N95
        • Gloves (provided)
        • Eye protection as needed
      • As a patient, your rescuer may ask you to put on a mask depending on what your patient profile is.
    • Other than the circumstances stated above, students are responsible for making their own risk management decisions when it comes to wearing PPE (i.e., masks).

* Learners that are not up to date with the covid-19 vaccine, are at high-risk for severe illness if they contract COVID.