First Aid, CPR, First Responder, & Wilderness Medicine Program

Be better prepared to help save a life by taking one of our courses!

Custom Education

We specialize in customizing educational programs to meet the needs of our clients & have the ability to teach in any type of classroom!

Education Consulting / Instructional Design

Allow us to design a curriculum program that suits your needs and train your staff to become engaging educators.

Affiliates, Partnerships, and Clients

We partner with organizations to offer the best educational opportunities available and work with clients to create custom programs tailored to their specific needs! Check out our Partners and Clients page to see a full list of affiliates, partnerships/supporting organizations, and clients.

What Students and Clients Say

Brigitte was very approachable yet professional. She has a great balance in her teaching that brings both hard work and “getting down to business” along with engagement and fun. I was kind of dreading this course before it started, but it ended up being extremely valuable and interesting thanks to her instruction. I definitely met my learning goals and feel far more confident in my skills and decisions. Thanks for leading this process!
AutumWFR Student