What are the lodging options?

You can find options for lodging in the Mammoth Lakes area on our Food/Lodging Info page.

Can I have the contact info for other students in the course to coordinate lodging?

It is important to us to keep student’s information private. Once enrolled in the course, you will be given access to the online learning management system, which includes a discussion page where students may coordinate logistics with each other.

Are there scholarships or discounts available?

We are a small business and do not have scholarships available at this time. However, with support from the local Mammoth Lakes community we are able to price our courses competitively. Students may reach out to use to discuss and set up a payment plan option. If you are interested in doing this for one of our courses please contact us officeatbeyondlimitsedu.com (replace “at” with “@”).

How many spots are left on the course?

You can find the answer on our website. Click on the course you are interesting in signing up for and select a course date in the drop down menu. Under the price you will see # left in stock. That is the total number of spaces remaining in the course. Maximum student numbers for our course types are as follows:

  • 5 Day WFR = 21 Students
  • All other courses = 30 Students

How do I sign up?

Signing up online is easiest. To sign up, select the course and course date option you wish to sign up for. Fill out your contact information. If your shipping address is different please include the address in the “Order Notes” box at the bottom. It will then take you to the PayPal system where you can pay with a PayPal account or credit card. The system will send you a receipt. We will send more registration information once payment is received.

If you wish to sign up over the phone send us an email or give us a call.

Please note that in the summer months (June-September) our staff is instructing courses and guiding in the backcountry. Communication is more sporadic during these times.

When is the registration deadline for your courses?

Hybrid Courses – 2 weeks prior to the start date. This allows time to get the pre-course work done. Please note, however, that waiting until the last minute to sign up will only give students 1 week to complete the pre-course work as pre-course work typically is due one week prior to the course start date to allow instructors time to grade/provide feedback to students.

Traditional Courses – 48 hours prior to the start date.

If a course gets cancelled due to low enrollment when will I be notified?

We are seeing a trend of people signing up last minute. We will not cancel a course until 1-2 weeks prior to the course start date. If we cancel due low enrollment you will have the option to transfer to another course or receive a full refund.

What is your refund policy?

FA/CPR Program Refund Policy

Tutoring Program Refund Policy


What time do the wilderness medicine courses start on the first day?

What time do the wilderness medicine courses end on the last day?
Expect to be in class until 5pm on the last day.


How long can I expect to be in class each day for the 5 Day WFR?

Expect to be in class 8am-6pm daily. This is a fast paced, intense course. It is a 70+ hour course divided up into 25+ hours of pre-course work and 45+ hours of in class instructional time.

What does the pre-course work requirement entail?

Pre-course work takes a minimum of 25 hours to complete. Students register on our online Learning Management System, Schoology. A textbook will be mailed to you as well. Pre-course work will be published 6 weeks prior to your course start date and includes readings, videos, written/skill practice assignments (study guide, 3 case studies, patient assessment practice exercise), and 6 unit quizzes. Those that do not have a strong anatomy & physiology background and have never taken a first aid/CPR course before tend to need more time to complete the pre-course work. The hybrid course format is not for everyone. Please review Wilderness First Responder Hybrid vs Traditional Format page to make sure that this is the right course format for you.


How long can I expect to be in class each day for the 7, 8, or 9 Day WFR?

Expect to be in class from 8am-6pm if the course is 7 days. An 8 or 9 day WFR typically runs from 8am-5pm.

Is their a pre-course work requirement?

There is an optional pre-course work assignment. Students will be given access to the study guide, textbook, and online resource materials we use for the 5 Day WFR. This work is typically assigned for homework during the course. Students, however, have the option to choose to complete the work prior to coming into the class in order to have less to do in the evenings after a long day in the classroom.


Please send us an email: officeatbeyondlimitsedu.com (replace “at” with “@”).